The joys of Judaism: ten videos that will get your spirit – and your legs – dancing!

“Adon Olam” (‘King of the World” – song sung at the end of Shabbat services):

sang to the tune of “You’ll be back” from Lin-Manuel Miranda’s “Hamilton” – by the amazing cantor Azi Schwartz of New York’s Park Avenue Synagogue

Naomi Shemer’s utterly moving “Yerushalayim Shel Zahav” (‘Jerusalem City of Gold’) – sung by 16 female cantors!

The wild and totally enjoyable Maccabeats singing “Dayenu” – everybody’s favorite tune at the Pessach Seder! Get ready to dance!

Rivaling them for sheer exuberance:

Six13’s funky Uptown Passover

And don’t miss the Maccabeats’ take on Hamilton and Hanukah: “A Hamilton Hanukah”

And speaking of Hanukah – Adam Sandler has a lock on it. With these delightful videos and see what I mean:

Hanukah by Adam Sandler 1:

Hanukah by Adam Sandler 2:

Hanukah by Adam Sandler 3:

Hanukah by Adam Sandler 4 (his masterpiece)!

Last and perhaps greatest of all:

“Echad Mi Yodea” – ‘Who knows one’ – in the penultimate Pessach song. A mystically austere version of it forms the soundtrack to the thrilling dance performed by Israel’s Bathsheva – the Young Ensemble, which is considered one of the world’s most innovative and exciting troupes.