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For a joyous Judaism in Europe

What J.E.W.S do

We are Jews, Christians, Muslims – and other religions – who have joined together to ensure that each Jew in Europe (and the world) lives a joyous and fear-free life.

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We achieve this by
mobilizing our societies to stand together for Jews and groups – and against Neonazis, racists and haters inspiring Jews and others to celebrate Judaism and its many achievements – by staging “kippa parties”, “tolerance fests” and other events, and by reporting on our “mentshes” – our role models informing Jews and others about what’s going on in the Jewish community and in European society as a whole delighting the world with our kippot!

the world’s largest project of commemoration

“Munich kippa” from Terry Swartzberg – incorporated into collections of three major museums in Germany 

munich kippa
“J.E.W.S.’ mission – and its goal of encouraging Jews in Europe and across the world to stand up for themselves – is an incredibly laudable and worthwhile endeavor. I have gotten to know Terry over the course of the past years and know that there are few better people to protect what Jewish communities have achieved in Europe over the last 75 years.

Terry and J.E.W.S. do an unparalleled job of standing with various sectors of society and different faiths to address Anti-Semitism, racism and hate in all its many ugly forms.

As both an American and German citizen who has worked in the human rights and Jewish organizational world, I can attest to the value of building a Europe-wide network to achieve the goal of eradicating anti-Semitism. What is lacking in the fight against anti-Semitism is regular and social interaction between Jews and non-Jews, providing a human face to those who are discriminated against and personalized experience for Europe’s young people.

In conclusion, I encourage the support of this timely initiative and recommend the programmatic activities of J.E.W.S. to be implemented as widely as possible in schools, universities, and other places where Europe’s youth congregate.2

Daniel West Cohen

Combat Antisemitism

Pan-Europe initiative to determine what Europe’s young know and think about Judaism and the Holocaust– through face-to-face encounters with Jews.
That is what Jews engaged with society members do, join us!