For a joyous Judaism in Europe

What J.E.W.S do

We are Jews, Christians, Muslims – and other religions – who have joined together to ensure that each Jew in Europe (and the world) lives a joyous and fear-free life

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We achieve this by
mobilizing our societies to stand together for Jews and groups – and against Neonazis, racists and haters inspiring Jews and others to celebrate Judaism and its many achievements – by staging “kippa parties”, “tolerance fests” and other events, and by reporting on our “mentshes” – our role models
informing Jews and others about what’s going on in the Jewish community and in European society as a whole
delighting the world with our kippot!

the world’s largest project of commemoration

“Munich kippa” from Terry Swartzberg – incorporated into collections of three major museums in Germany 

munich kippa

Name on the Stolperstein

A song for each victim of the Holocaust, for the Stolpersteine - and for Gunter Demnig, creator of the world's largest Holocaust memorial...
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Pan-Europe initiative to determine what Europe’s young know and think about Judaism and the Holocaust– through face-to-face encounters with Jews.
That is what Jews engaged with society members do, join us!