“Munich kippa” from Terry Swartzberg – incorporated into collections of three major museums in Germany

Three of Germany’s most important museums have requested and received “Munich Kippot” from Terry Swartzberg, the  Munich-based ethical campaigner and chairperson of J.E.W.S. – Jews Engaged With Society.

The Munich Kippot are now to be found in the German government’s Museum of the History of Germany in Bonn, and in the Jewish Museums in Berlin and Munich.

“The best way for us Jews and our many, many supporters to put an end to Anti-Semitism in Germany and in Europe is take to the streets – to stand together – with kippot on our heads – against the haters of Jews and Judaism and deniers of the Holocaust. To that end, I created the Munich Kippa,” states Terry Swartzberg, who is also head of the Stolpersteine initiative in Munich. With 75,000 of these commemorative plaques in 1,600 cities in 26 countries, the Stolpersteine – each commemorating a victim of the Holocaust – constitute the largest project of genocide remembrance that the world has ever seen.

On display at the Museum of the History of Germany is another kippa from Terry Swartzberg. The kippa’s incorporation constitutes the Museum’s way of honoring Terry Swartzberg for his “civil courage”.

munich kippa