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J.E.W.S. thanks its generous donors

Toda raba raba – thanks so much to our dear friends Gary Yale, Gene Wright, Anny Shaw, Stuart Mukamal and others for their generous support of autumn’s commemorative projects.

20,000 people were worked to death at this slave labor camp

On November 20th, we be placing 39 Stolpersteine in Munich. 39 people rescued from the obscurity of being forgotten. 39 people whose lives and deaths show us what Antisemitism, hate and racism lead to.

Faces for the Names: in Munich in September and November, with commemorative marches on September 10 and 11 and November 9.

Faces for the Names in Nordhausen in October, with the first Faces for the Names at a concentration camp: Mittelbau Dora, at which 20,000 were worked to death. October 14th.