"in the winter of 1942"

In the winter of 1942, while burning with high fever, a Bauhaus artist hallucinates. In his dream he sees a man, also an artist, waking up from a dream. from a nightmare- into a nightmare. 
Still feverish, he starts making sketches. In black and white, he tells a story of black and white: evil and compassion, fear and bravery, despair and hope. A series of linoleum cut prints, portraying a merciless nightmare- which is, in fact, a reality.
But in 1942, this reality is not yet known, not beyond shreds of information that many dismiss as mere rumors.

Who will publish such a story, a ruthless and wordless depiction of what no one wants to know? 
Erich Glas Winter of 1942_Portrait_Photo_JEWS_TERRYSWARTZBERG
By TheRamtzi - Own work Source: Wikipedia

We would like to give special thanks to Hagar Lev who sent us this remarkable story.

Toda Raba Hagar!