An evening of celebration! Salon Avitall in Munich

Munich celebrated on December 21st!

It celebrated the great gifts of Cantor Avitall Gerstetter, who delighted the city with a staging of her Salon Avitall.

Each of these Salons is a riveting mix of Jewish and classic contemporary songs – expertly performed by Avitall and her group of musicians, of great food – loving and beautifully served, and of interesting encounters.

The purpose of the Salons is to mobilize people and resources to realizing projects that mobilize Jews and their supporters.

At the Salon in Munich, Avitall and her team announced plans to place huge Sabbath candles in the heart of downtown Berlin and, possibly, Munich.

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Avitall Gerstetter (Gesang) und Andreas Altenhof (Piano)Foto: Stephan Röhl